Mental Preparation: Why are some people okay with losing $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 "learning from mistakes", but not okay INVESTING a fraction of that into their own education?

Why do you think some people's minds operate like that? Why is it okay to pay the market thousands of dollars in losing trades, but it's not okay to INVEST a few hundred into a proper trading education?

If you're going to be a successful trader and INVESTOR, which way is the best way to think?

Which route do you think most successful traders take?

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Lesson 4

What's the best part of trading?


Having the ability to make money from literally anywhere with a laptop and a wifi connection. This is one of the ONLY careers where you can make more money than any of your friends, and still have the TIME to travel WHENEVER you want, and go WHEREVER you want. 


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We all want more of it. But unlike money, there is no real way to make more of it.

We can't work harder and make more of it. We can't get a higher TIME paying job and get a bigger TIME paycheck.

 We're all limited to the TIME we have here on Earth...

Or wait...

Are we...?

Or is there a way to... make more TIME?

There is.

How you ask?

You take back more of the TIME you already have,

You learn how to trade, so that you can spend your TIME traveling, enjoying, exploring, instead of working.

How much more TIME would you have if you didn't have to work a 9-5?

Well, over 10 years, you'd have about 20,800 more hours.

That's about 2.4 years of extra TIME, every 10 years.

So, again, what's that excuse about not having enough time to learn how to trade?


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MONEY is the second most valuable asset.

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