Hello TradingView,

This page has been made especially for your team.

Below are two videos: both are small pieces of the full 10 hour course.

(if you would like links to the full lessons, or the full course, that can be arranged as well)

 Both are pieces which I give away for free, to all students, in the free 7 day crash course that I offer as well.

I do this so students are fully aware of my teaching style in the 10 hour course, before joining.

I do this because believe transparency is a very important part of building a learning relationship with students. 

I welcome your team to watch both videos, so that you can view the content that is offered in the 10 hour course, along with my teaching style.

Below the 2 videos, is the same link that my students see before joining the 10 hour course.

Video 1: Pulled from the risk management section of the course

Video 2: Pulled from the Trading Psychology section of the course

Thoughts from a few previous students