Overview of the 10 Hour Trading Mastery Course material:


Topics covered include:

Lesson 1: Overview of the different markets and key aspects of each. Specific areas you need to be careful with when trading stocks, options, forex, penny stocks

Lesson 2: Introduction to Technical Analysis and the foundation for successful Price Action trading

Lesson 3: Trading Psychology and a look into the mind of a successful trader and how it is different from the mind of an average person. In order to be successful over the long term, you must start to think like this and get rid of previous indoctrination that the outside world has taught us.

Lesson 4: Risk management creation and the proper use of stop losses. Stop losses are important, but they are often times used wrong, which can make them almost as dangerous at not even having them.

Lesson 5: A tried and proven day trading strategy that has been used successfully by myself, as well as many other professional traders to find high probability setups that offer very good risk to reward parameters.

Lesson 6: Take profits. The other side of the coin to stop losses and a vital part of your risk management strategy. A whole lot of focus is placed on stop losses, when taking profits at the right level is just as important. In this lesson, we go over some of the trading statistics that you need to know to properly implement a take profit strategy. Stop guessing when it's the right moment to get out of a trade.

Lesson 7: Back testing. This vital concept can make the difference between having confidence in your strategy, and not trusting what you're doing. For some reason this is not talked about more in other courses, which is odd, because this goes hand in hand with trading psychology. If you know your numbers and you know how to find them, you are much more likely to be able to trust your strategy.

Lesson 8, Parts 1 and 2: Putting it all together. An example of exactly how one would go about trading a strategy, from putting it together, to back testing it, to trading it, to analyzing it, to tweaking it.


Bonus content:

An hour on beginner material

An hour on fundamental analysis with a second part coming this month

An hour on trading statistics and how to use them

An extra hour on back testing

30 min crash course on the main pattern setups

30 min extra on Support and Resistance

Trading statistics worksheet

Trading patterns worksheet

4 extra trading PDFs to read


Content that will be added in the next month (all students get unlimited access to all new content)

Fundamental analysis part 2

Options trading series

Advanced pattern trading series

Trading indicator series

Proper setup of a trading journal