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(Sorry for the F bombs ;). Just have to remember I'm first and foremost a professional trader. The content in the video is a raw, real peak into the mind of a professional trader. I am not an polished educator with a script.)

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Derek I. Polasek has 6 years of trading experience, a B.Sc. degree in Business Finance, and will ALWAYS say it like it is.

Do you need a degree to be a trader?


But what Derek does, is pick out all the useful information from his degree, without you having to spend all the bullshit tuition yourself.

It just so happens to be Finance And Chocolate's mission to make trading education accessible to as many people as possible.

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Because, we are all traders here in the Finance And Chocolate community.

We have been where you are standing.

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We understand that most traders charge WAY too much for their monthly trading library, which makes it very difficult for most people to learn trading properly.

We want to make trading education affordable for EVERYONE.

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