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Welcome to Finance And Chocolate. My name is Derek and I am the owner and founder.

And why should you care?

Well, I've been trading the stock market for the last 6 years and it is the MOST rewarding career you can find. It is also quite challenging, especially at the beginning. But I want you to see Finance And Chocolate as your beacon through the learning curve. There are so many learning opportunities on this site, from the free trading group chat where we literally talk about stocks all day(only 98 spots left), to the free video lessons, to the video courses, to the one on one training I offer on Saturdays(I am sorry in advance but space is very limited).

Every Monday for the next 7 weeks, you'll receive a link in your email directing you to a trading lesson and a homework assignment for the week (MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE THESE EMAILS, they contain your password to enter the Free Subscribers Only section). If you want to learn how to trade, these videos and homework assignments are a very good place to start. Do the homework! They help reinforce the concepts.

Some good places to learn more about the stock market:

Free Video Lessons

Free Instagram Live Videos

Finance and Chocolate's Instagram

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Until then, Trade Smart, Learn Smart, and continue DOMINATING your life path.

See you in the lesson on Monday.

All the best, Derek

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