What Is Finance&Chocolate?

Who Is The Head Trader?

I love trading, but more than anything else, I absolutely love traveling.

About Finance and Chocolate:

Trading and Investing are some of those things: easy to understand the concept, difficult to understand the mastery. This may be because most people do not have a handle on who they are as people, or it may be because Psychology plays a much larger part in trading and investing than most beginners realize. Look at Finance and Chocolate as a bridge. It is a bridge that closes the gap, step by step, between eager learner and successful trader. Whether you connect with F&C through its popular Instagram page, or through one of the written lessons you may find on here, or through a one on one consultation with the head trader himself, F&C wants to be that bridge that helps traders overcome obstacles right now. Those obstacles may not be so obvious, like mindset, psychology, trading strategy, and risk management. Most people can understand the basics of what is going on with regard to trading online, but few ever master it. Why? Because they lack that bridge: because they lack Finance and Chocolate.  

About the Head Trader:

Hello and welcome to FinanceAndChocolate.com. My name is Derek and I am the Head Trader and Founder of Finance and Chocolate, my brainchild. I have been trading for the last 6 years and I have had an affinity with the stock market since I was 12, when I told my parents to invest in Apple and Tesla (Tesla was a private company at the time). Oh, if only they had listened. I am also a licensed Real Estate Consultant in the State of California, where I reside, and I graduated Cum Laude from the University of California, with a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration - Finance. Phew, now that we have gotten my credentials out of the way, I can tell you that none of that, except the 6 years of experience, really fucking matters. A degree, work experience, intelligence, all nice things to have, yet none of them guarantee trading success. Trading is a different animal and the only way to tame that animal is from within. We, the traders, control our success or failure when it comes to trading and, while I can't promise you either outcome, I can say with certainty that the odds are stacked against you. But then again, if things were easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it? I am here to lend a helping hand in whatever way I can to make your journey as a trader as smooth and exciting as possible. I am also here to save your wallet from some injury by teaching you through the mistakes I made when I was first beginning. Hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride.

All the best,

Derek - Head Trader for Finance and Chocolate